Service Areas:

City of Rochester (Eastern Half)
East Rochester

Frenquently Asked Questions

What do you charge?
Generally speaking we charge by the hour. However there is a two hour minimum so we encourage customers to be sure to have two hours’ worth of work available. If you have a large project, we will provide an estimate based on labor and materials.

How many technicians will be working on my project?
The number of technicians on a project depends on the scope of the project.  Smaller projects will call for one or two service people whereas larger projects may call for up to six service people. For large projects we try not to tie up a residence for more than two weeks.

Are you insured?
Yes, we are insured.

Do you guarantee your work?
Yes, we guarantee all repairs for one year and all major projects for two years.

Tell me about your custom kitchens and bathrooms
We  provide custom quality kitchen cabinets and/or vanities for your kitchen and bath. The cabinets are made in our own shop and all our work is customized. These are not pre-finished cabinets. Customers can choose the type of wood they prefer from oak, quarter sawn oak, cherry, curly cherry, quarter sawn cherry, maple, curly maple, poplar as well as stains or painted finishes. We encourage customers to research designs that they would like to see included in their kitchen or bath. We will also suggest designs to improve efficiency and style. We provide detailed written estimates explaining all tasks to be completed, contractor materials to be purchased and, if necessary, what materials the customer wishes to provide.

How long does it take to have a kitchen re-designed?
A good deal of the time depends on the size and scope of the kitchen. Generally speaking, once a the plan has been finalized, it takes about three to four weeks to build the cabinets, a day to dismantle the existing cabinets and another day to install the new cabinets. New countertops with plumbing connections will also take another day of installation. This is all premised on following the same footprint of the existing kitchen. Obviously this schedule will need to be modified depending on the extent of any other changes to the kitchen area.

How do you charge for other custom wood working projects?
Each project is individually evaluated based on materials selected and approximate number of hours needed to complete the project. We provide written estimates  so that customers have a fairly good idea of cost.