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Customer Testmonials

We moved to Pittsford a year ago and while our small house was in pretty good condition, our bathroom needed some repairs and upgrading. Ted provided us with a reasonable estimate and within a week and a half renovation was underway!

Ted and his helpers did an excellent job, were very responsive, and finished when they said they would. Moreover, Ted gave us good design ideas and suggestions, advice I asked for and was very happy to get. We're very happy with our completed bathroom.
Next up is refinishing our deck and we asked Ted to schedule us in for later this summer.
Ted takes pride in his work and is very reliable, calm, and trustworthy.

We look forward to working with him again.
LF and PF Pittsford

Thank you doing such a great job on the deck. I will keep you in mind for future projects and will pass your name along to others.
DC Fairport

Dear Ted,
I am very satisfied with your efficiency and professionalism and I look forward to showing my family and friends the results of this job.
EG Pittsford

“I moved into my new house knowing it would need some repairs. But, one never is really prepared for those unexpected problems.

My bathroom was dated and I knew I would be upgrading it eventually, but after about a week I realized it had plumbing issues from “repairs” the former owner did himself.

A friend of mine recommended the Erie Canal Handyman, Ted Avgerinos, and I called him immediately. Ted discovered that the so-called repairs done by the former owner were masking some serious issues. I decided to get the plumbing fixed and do the remodeling at the same time. I was overwhelmed, but Ted guaranteed a quality job in a reasonable amount of time. He showed up every day, and at the end of each day I received a progress report, which eased my anxiety and helped me to visualize my new bathroom.

A few weeks later, I no longer had to visualize my bathroom; I could actually see it in front of my eyes! I was very pleased with the work done. I would recommend the Erie Canal Handyman to anyone who wants quality work, reasonable prices and to be treated with respect.

Needless to say, I can now enjoy and relax in my beautiful bathroom.”
A. C. - Irondequoit

“Ted Avgerinos came into our house and closely worked with us regarding our remodeling plans. The job required several improvements to the plumbing system which were impressively executed. When we called him about a drain in the tub not working; he came over the next day and spent hours helping to correct the problem (at no extra cost). He is friendly, practical and stands by his work. The pride he takes on the job is a reflection of his expertise and most importantly his character.”
M.V & H.V- Fairport


 “You are very conscientious and trustworthy, and I was comfortable having you work on the house even when I was not able to be there. Your work ethic is commendable and I have highly recommended you to others who need help with some repair projects. Keep up the good work, and I’ll be calling you again when I need help.”
C.M. - Fairport


“This is a letter of appreciation for the quality work that you and your partners did in renovating my laundry room this past spring. From the beginning of the project I appreciated the patience and willingness to consult with me every step of the way. This resulted in a renovation that I was pleased with when it was completed.

I also appreciate the way you stood behind your workmanship….I wish you continued success with your handyman business and thank you for a job well done”
A. L. - Henrietta


I am so glad that Peter and I got your name to convert my bathroom. I love it! Everyone who comes over to see it, says how great it turned out.
D. B.- City of Rochester


Many thanks for all the work and long hours you and Chuck put in working on my porch & deck. I am very pleased with your work. It’s great to have a nice fresh place to live and entertain. Many thanks for a job well done.
E. S. - Fairport


I am delighted with the deck and furniture. Chuck was most helpful with rose bushes and table. Thank you.
D. T.- Fairport


The kitchen cabinets turned out just wonderful. Thank you so much.
T & MA  - East Rochester


I can’t begin to thank you for all your hard work on the Salem Nutrition Center Project. Like all major projects, this one needed a person who knew what they were doing to head things up and you were that person.

It is hard to believe that the finished product is the same room. As guests eat and chat they do so in a bright and cheerful space that makes their meal even better.

Thanks Ted for all your hard work. We are proud to have you as a part of our church family.
Rev. J. C.  - Fairport


“I am out of words. Thank you sounds so insignificant when I look at the total “Salem Project”. Your vision and faith kept us going. You found people who were willing to serve and most importantly your vision and leadership. God has blessed us at the Salem Nutrition Center Soup Kitchen. The cheering and clapping from our guests the Monday we reopened was music to my ears. Thank You.
Rev. S F. Pittsford

In early December we noticed a drip in our basement coming from the area of our kitchen sink. Hoping for the best we contacted Ted and after an examination of the sink and cupboard area, realized that a drain pipe had been leaking for a long time. The area would need extensive work and repair.  Ted and Bill worked with us and were able to make the needed repairs with a minimum of upheaval in our everyday lives.  They were knowledgeable, punctual and affordable.  They worked with us to put our kitchen back in order.  I recommend their work without reservation.
B&T M Pittsford


We loved our home before, but had no idea how much more we would enjoy it after doing a few projects with you and your team at the helm.  To begin with, it is amazing how just a simple change of paint color in our living room and dining room brightens up the house, and makes the colors of the furniture and the décor really stands out and it looks fantastic. It was a good thing that you called us into the living room when you started to paint the ceiling with our idea for a novel ceiling color…we are grateful that you had the wisdom to ask us if we were really certain about our choice….your ideas for a complementary ceiling color were infinitely better than ours; thank goodness!

As for the family room, we have never in our experience seen anyone grout (a very large) porcelain tile floor by hand.  Talk about workmanship!  This is a real “before and after” picture.

We truly appreciated all the attention to detail, the efficiency of you and your team, the incredible craftsmanship, the desire to get everything just right, the fact that there was nothing for us to clean up after each day’s work was finished (because you vacuumed work dust, swept up, moved furniture, wiped it down before moving it back into place and even drove to the hardware store in the middle of a work day to get exactly the right parts for any unexpected need).  Even more, what was most impressive were your good old fashioned integrity and ethics, and in this day and age, these qualities go a long way.

We are inviting our friends and family to see the changes to our home in the hopes that they too will contact you.
LF & MM Pittsford